The Full Mojo

The Full Mojo is more than a website's a comprehensive digital marketing solution.

When you opt for The Full Mojo, you get a custom website, continuous SEO-optimized blog posts, integrated email marketing, and consulting on your brand development and marketing strategy.  


If you want a digital marketing plan that works effectively with little or no extra work on your part, this is exactly what you're looking for.


There's more to the Full Mojo than can be easily explained here. A complete breakdown of the included services can be obtained by contacting us!

Website Design

The Mad Mojo team designs websites exclusively in WordPress, thanks to the flexibility and reliability of the platform. As our client, you'll love how easy it is to work within WordPress yourself - adding your own blog posts or media is a simple matter. We can even set up your site so that images posted to your Instragram are automatically added to your gallery. Even less work for you!


We can design websites for any purpose. For simplicity's sake, we've created a few specific packages that are tailored to some of our more common requests. 


Looking for a website design ONLY with no hosting or ongoing maintenance? We can help! Contact us for pricing.

Portfolio Site Packages

Artists of all varieties need to showcase their work online... but just because you're an amazing tattoo artist or photographer, doesn't mean you know how to make a website. (Don't worry. No one expects you to know everything!)


Our portfolio sites are affordable, effective, social-media-integrated, and built to be easy for you to use.

Blog Feed Service

Our blog feed service is available to anyone with a WordPress website.


With this service, our writers will craft for you four unique SEO articles each month, and our automated system will post them to your website's blog with no work on your part.


Each article is written specifically for you and your niche, and search engine optimized to help raise your ranking in Google, Bing, and other search engines.


Your WordPress site does not need to be designed or hosted by Mad Mojo Customs to take advantage of this service!


If you're starting fresh, we can easily set you up with a domain name and hosted WordPress site. 

Hosting is included in all of our website packages. Even though we don't make a profit from hosting your site, we prefer having full access to our sites. This allows us to keep them secure and updated for your safety and peace of mind. 


Looking for a website with no hosting or ongoing maintenance? We can help! Contact us for pricing.


Branding is essential to succeeding in today's marketplace, whether you're starting a large company or operating as a solo freelancer.


When you work with Mad Mojo, we'll offer as much assistance as you'd like with creating, refining, or updating your brand image.


We don't consider this an add-on service, because we want your business to succeed just as much as you do!


For the most comprehensive assistance with your branding, we recommend The Full Mojo. With this package, we'll not only integrate your website with social media, but help you create brand-consistent images for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to bringing organic traffic to your website.


Our writers are skilled and experienced in SEO copywriting, which means that we can incorporate the keywords that Google requires into text that's pleasing to the human reader.


SEO isn't just about written content, though. We're quite good at the back-end work which takes place behind the scenes on your website. This includes the crafting of metadata and the effective use of SEO-enhancing plugins and applications.


We also work actively to create valuable backlinks from other websites which in turn help your site to increase in rank. This is a time-consuming and intricate process - which is why most web designers don't take these extra steps.


We're more than happy to help with special projects. If you'd like professional consulting for your marketing or branding strategy, we can certainly provide.


Our consulting rates also apply to work that falls outside of our standard package pricing. If you'd like us to update, enhance, or optimize your existing site, we will gladly assist at our consulting rate.

MMC Traffic Builder

Our special approach to website growth uses both automated and human-powered methods to increase traffic on your new website.


With MMC Traffic Builder, your website is immediately added to over 100 online directories. We manually create backlinks from proven, High PR sites, and we use our media network (five years in the making) to distribute linked documents to even more high-value online locations.


MMC Traffic Builder is available exclusively to our managed website clients. It involves ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and creation of new content, so we are not able to offer this service on one-off websites.

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